Originally from SwanseaRACHEL RIMMER with her ‘girl next door’ kinda vibe, armed with a solitary electric guitar, is an unexpected independent powerhouse of bluesy folk.




“I guess I would say bluesy soul folk, bluesy soulful folk.”

So full of soul is what it is, it’s its own life force. Her performances are full of grit and full of harshness; the harshness of reality perhaps, a familiar darkness with soaring vocals not dissimilar to Eva Cassidy. She definitely deserves the description of an independent performer rather than a solo act.

This lady is way more than a singer with a guitar (not that that is a negative) just that she takes more care in the lines of her guitar playing than I have ever seen a singer-songwriter do. Partly because she treats her hands and her voice as if they were two separate players of a game, ultimately focusing on the same aim but venturing down different paths.




Her hands create harmonies like Marling and Co., with an Americana choice of aesthetic but a jazz lilt to her licks, both of which she spoils us with. Her music is riff heavy but not with heavy riffs. Her voice strays down a different path, it is spotless and clear. It is aching to be paired with Jeff Buckley. Tie this all together and the audience receive a parcel of knowing stage presence given by a teasing sensual songstress who knows her way around a guitar pedal board, very well indeed.


Catch her on the polytunnel stage at GARDENIA music festival at Hulme Community Garden Centre on 30th April.




If her music were food it would be moules frites and if she could dress like anyone it would be St Vincent.







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